About this Mental Health Training Course

Who is Mental Health Training for?

Our mental health training workshops are ideal for organisations wanting to overcome the stigma of mental health by raising awareness and creating a supportive culture that enables the workforce to manage mental health more effectively.

What this training course includes

Fully evaluated and delivered by qualified Psychologists, this practical course comprises of a series of interactive modules:

reorder An introduction to mental health


• An introduction to mental health
• Understanding an employers legal obligations for mental health in the workplace
• Increasing awareness of the symptoms of good and poor mental health
• Challenging the myths and stigma associated with poor mental health
• Exploring tools and techniques for monitoring mental health

reorder Understanding what influences mental health and well-being


• Understanding the common triggers of mental health
• Identifying the personal triggers of mental health
• Identify the factors that protect mental health
• Establishing the benefits of positive mental health

reorder Developing personal resilience to protect mental health


• Understanding resilience and methods of developing it
• Establishing personal levels of resilience and identifying areas of strength and focus
• Establishing the importance of collective resilience
• Creating a resilience action plan to support positive mental health

reorder Learning techniques and skills for mental health first aid


• Learning techniques to identify and manage mental health triggers
• Identifying and adopting positive lifestyle behaviours
• Creating a resource management action plan to support positive mental health

reorder Managing employees experiencing ill mental health


• Understanding leadership and how it influences employee mental health
• Understanding how work conditions influence mental health
• Learning how to spot the signs of ill mental health
• Learning how to hold conversations about mental health
• Supporting a team member to return to work

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Benefits of this course.

Increase awareness of mental health within the workforce and remove the stigma that surrounds it.
Create a culture whereby people feel supported and comfortable to talk openly about mental health.
Develop a better understanding of the things that influence mental health and well-being.
Learn about personal and collective resilience and how it can be used to protect mental health.
Learn the practical skills and techniques needed to proactively manage mental health and well-being.
Improve your organisations reputation and be recognised as a mindful and caring employer.

What we do.

Understanding and promoting mental health in the workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right understanding of what is needed and access to the right tools and training, we can help make a positive impact on mental health.

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