What you need to know about a situational judgement test.

A situational judgement test is often utilised as part of a recruitment and selection process. This type of assessment is commonly used during recruitment and selection and may also assist with learning and development for existing employees.

When this type of assessment is used as a method of assessment, individuals are presented with a particular scenario that describes a situation that they could find themselves in and asked to say how they would respond to that situation.

Situational judgement tests allow everyone involved in the recruitment, or learning and development process, to gather the information that helps ensure the employment or promotion of people who are well suited to roles.

What we do.

Assessing a persons capacity to understand situations, and how they deal with them doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right understanding of what is needed, access to the right tools and training, we can help.

Watch our short video to learn more about Situational Judgement, and how we can help you recruit, develop and promote the right people.

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Benefits of this assessment.

Give candidates an insight into a role by presenting realistic scenarios that they may face on a day-to-day basis
Supports the recruitment and selection process by helping recruiters find people that are best suited to roles and the organisation
Identify learning and development opportunities for existing employees to improve their situational judgement
Motivates and engages your employees by helping them to recognise and understand their strengths and weaknesses

Assessment information.

how_to_reg Who is a situational judgement test for?


A situational judgement test is ideal for organisations interested in assessing how an individual might react and respond to particular work-based scenarios. This type of assessment is recommended for those involved in the recruitment and selection process and is used to assist with candidate selection, and identifying learning and development opportunities for existing employees.

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supervisor_account Practitioner training


Practitioner Training is for organisations that want to create a pool of in-house assessors and trainers, capable of carrying out assessments and delivering professional training and feedback to others.

A practitioner may be an existing trainer who is supplementing or reinforcing their skills or somebody less experienced. This course includes:

  • The principles of Situational Judgement Assessments
  • Developing key assessment and training skills
  • Improving confidence and capability

Any type of organisation can adopt this model. However, it is best suited to large organisations or those that have a frequent need to carry out assessments and deliver training.

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