We help you to find the right people.

Finding the right person for a job is more than just a gut feeling or putting someone through an interview process. Employers need to find people with the attitude, skills and values that are aligned to the organisation.

Recruiting the wrong people can create major challenges for organisations. A person’s skills might not be suited to their role, or they might not share or be motivated by the organisation’s values. As a result, new recruits don’t perform as well as expected, they don’t work well with others, or fit in with your organisation’s culture.

Organisations must select people based on their suitability, and to do this, they must be able to assess and measure important metrics such a person’s competency, personality, cognitive ability and psychological well-being.

What we do.

Finding people to enhance your workforce doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right understanding of what is needed and access to the right tools and training, we can help make Recruitment and Selection energising and rewarding.

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Benefits of this solution.

Minimise the time and cost associated with searching, interviewing, hiring and training candidates
Helps organisations develop role profiles and job descriptions that accurately reflect candidate requirements
Attracting the right kind of people that are suited to job roles, the organisational culture and goals
Provides a accurate method for organisations to use to evaluate the skills, knowledge and personality of candidates

Looking for a comprehensive solution?

No matter your starting point, challenge or industry, our Psychologists work with you to design a strategy to get you where you want to be.

how_to_reg Who is Recruitment and Selection for?


Recruitment and Selection is ideal for organisations interested in recruiting talented candidates, that are well aligned to roles and the organisation’s culture. This solution is recommended for people involved with recruitment looking for a method to evaluate candidates quickly and effectively.

format_list_bulleted What this solution includes

Job Role Assessment

We help you to assess job roles to determine an employee’s duties and responsibilities, as well as the required core psychometric competencies they need to perform well in a role.

Candidate Assessment

We provide a range of assessments that give you the insight needed to help ensure you align a talented employee with a role that suits them.


We help you to measure the impact of recruitment and selection through evaluation that that determines whether the actions taken are producing the desired results.

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supervisor_account Practitioner training


Practitioner Training is for organisations that want to create a pool of in-house assessors and trainers, capable of carrying out assessments and delivering professional training and feedback to others.

A practitioner may be an existing trainer who is supplementing or reinforcing their skills or somebody less experienced. This course includes:

  • The principles of the Recruitment and Selection process
  • Developing key assessment and training skills
  • Improving confidence and capability

Any type of organisation can adopt this model. However, it is best suited to large organisations or those that have a frequent need to carry out assessments and deliver training.

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