What you need to know about resilience.

Emotional resilience refers to a persons ability to cope in the face of change, adversity and hardship. It’s all about having the ability to come back stronger after being knocked back by a certain event or situation in a persons life.

Lacking the ability to manage challenges, setback and adversity effectively can lead employees to feel overwhelmed; they can loose their focus, feel sad, angry or disheartened. Over time, this can lead to the development of mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Employees that continue to come to work despite feeling unwell are likely to have a higher rate of absenteeism, be less productive and their performance may suffer. For these reasons, managing stress through resilience training is seen as a priority for many organisations.

What we do.

Developing the psychological strength needed to be more resilient to the stresses and hardships of the workplace doesn’t have to be difficult. With the right understanding of what is needed, access to the right tools and training, we can help.

Watch our short video to learn more about Resilience Training, and how we can help you make it an energising and rewarding process.

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Benefits of this course.

Raising awareness of mental health within an organisation and learning how to identify and help those affected
Helping employees to deal with stress more effectively to lead happier and healthier lives in and outside of work
Increasing individual and team performance through more efficient management of workload and other commitments
Creating a culture whereby individuals and teams feel supported and have a positive attitude towards personal resilience

Course information.

No matter your starting point, challenge or industry, our Psychologists work with you to develop the psychological strength needed to be more resilient to the stresses and hardships of the workplace.

how_to_reg Who is Resilience Training for?


Resilience training is ideal for organisations interested in supporting their workforce’s ability to cope with stressful situations and maintain good physical and psychological health. This course is recommended for people, teams and leaders that are faced with change, adversity or hardship, or individuals working in high-pressure or traumatic situations.

format_list_bulleted What this course includes

Resilience Training

We raise awareness of resilience and teach the practical skills needed to maintain good physical and psychological health.  This course includes:

  • Assessment designed to measure an individuals ability to cope in challenging situations
  • Understanding default behaviours, emotional reactions and expectations of stressful situations
  • Developing practical skills to build resilience and maintain good physical and psychological health
Course Duration
  • 1 Day (excluding assessment)
  • 2 Day (including assessment)
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supervisor_account Practitioner training


Practitioner Training is for organisations that want to create a pool of in-house assessors and trainers, capable of carrying out assessments and delivering professional training and feedback to others.

A practitioner may be an existing trainer who is supplementing or reinforcing their skills or somebody less experienced. This course includes:

  • The principles of Resilience Training
  • Developing key assessment and training skills
  • Improving confidence and capability

Any type of organisation can adopt this model. However, it is best suited to large organisations or those that have a frequent need to carry out assessments and deliver training.

Our partners.

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