Psychologists with business in mind.

Our team provides consultancy and end-to-end support to organisations facing a variety of common challenges across the employee life-cycle. This includes solutions for recruitment and selection, employee engagement, talent management, team development, leadership development, organisational culture, as well as a range of assessments and training services.

What makes us different is we’re psychologists with business in mind. Through our understanding of the science of human behaviour and experience of the workplace, we help organisations strengthen their people, teams and leaders to create healthier, happier and more productive workplaces.

Our values.

We are passionate about the use of psychology in the workplace, and our aim is to enhance individual and organisational health, well-being and performance.

We bring together leading edge thinkers, doers and communicators who know what it means to solve customer problems in practical and useful ways.

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Our approach.

We start by discussing, and most importantly listening, to understand your organisational challenges and needs. Together we create and delivery solutions that are designed to drive organisational success.

1. Advise


As independent professionals who can be trusted to offer an unbiased, scientifically credible perspective, our Psychologists can advise on a wide range of people issues at work.

2. Diagnose


We help organisations to better understand issues and challenges using scientific research methods to investigate human behaviour at work. Our Psychologists will help you to really understand your people and organisation.

3. Design


We create tailored solutions to your organisational challenges. No matter your starting point, challenge or industry, we will work with you to design a strategy to get you where you want to be.

4. Deliver


We deliver solutions, assessment and training to organisations and have the ability to facilitate training for potential instructors on the best ways to carry out assessments, and deliver professional training and feedback to others.

5. Evaluate


Robust evaluation is offered to measure the impact of interventions for key individuals and the organisations. This involves assessing the key baseline indicators prior to the implementation of a solution, followed by an assessment post-implementation to determine the impact over time.

Our partners.

Bloom Procurement North East Ambulance Service National Ambulance Resilience Unit East of England Ambulance Service East Midlands Chamber of Commerce NHS Employers

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